Account Based Marketing

The highly targeted marketing strategy to bring in high-value accounts.

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At its core, Account based marketing or ABM is a highly targeted strategy that works hand in hand with Inbound marketing. The account-based approach allows you to better align your marketing and sales resources, enabling you to identify, target and engage with high-value prospects. By personalising the buyer’s journey and tailoring your content and communications to those ‘top-tier’ accounts, ABM provides strong returns on your investment.

Xtra Mile Marketing Target 'top-tier' accounts

Target ‘top-tier’ accounts

Target, engage with, and convert high value prospects by putting your brand in front of the right decision-makers.

Xtra Mile Marketing Time is money

Time is money

Reduce how long it takes to nurture the most profitable leads, and reduce the time taken per lead during your sales process.

Xtra Mile Marketing Quality relationships

Quality relationships

ABM focuses on generating quality inbound opportunities with the most important people, and building good relationships.

What are the benefits of ABM?

  • The ultimate marketing strategy to bring in your biggest accounts.
  • Enjoy better marketing and sales alignment
  • You’ll achieve measurable return on investment
  • Maximise your business relevance with ‘top-tier’ accounts
  • Expand your business through better client relationships
  • Deliver consistent customer experiences
  • And streamline your sales cycles

Xtra Mile Marketing What are the benefits of ABM?

Don't just take our word for it

We didn’t know about ABM until we worked with the team at Xtra Mile. The principles of this methodology just make sense and are supremely powerful.

Paul Hickey

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