Social Media Marketing

It’s not rocket science; you need to hangout in the same space as your ideal customers.

Turn followers into customers

With nearly 5 billion social media users globally it goes without saying that 99.9% of businesses NEED a strong social media presence and strategy.

Most businesses are already on social media; however, few know how to effectively harness it to drive website traffic, leads and revenue. Marketing using social media requires a highly developed understanding of your audience and how to best engage with them. With the correct strategy however, your social engagement can boost both customer retention and brand loyalty, not to mention position your brand as a thought leader and authority within your industry.

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Xtra Mile Marketing Delight customers

Delight customers

By delighting your existing customers you’ll turn them into the biggest advocates of your business and services.

Xtra Mile Marketing Boost brand awareness

Boost brand awareness 

To spread the word about your business and connect customers to your brand a strong social presence is key.

Xtra Mile Marketing Generate more leads

Generate more leads

Your ideal customers are on social media, go get them. 

Amplify your results with paid media

So, your social content is kick-ass. Now it’s time to extend and amplify your reach to the right people with paid ads.

Paid media allows you to reach millions of prospective customers anywhere in the world. Meaning, when used correctly, paid for campaigns are able to put your business in front of the right people in the place they like to hangout. Enabling you to reach leads that may never have ordinarily discovered your business.
Xtra Mile Marketing Amplify your results with paid media

Don't just take our word for it

The team from Xtra Mile took the time to climb under our business’ skin to find out what content our clients would be interested in. This meant more engagement and a better digital presence.

Paul Hickey

Xtra Mile Marketing’s team understands the sensitivities surrounding our industry; creating and posting content that makes impact but is also conscientious.

Carl Hall
Remain Strong

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